4 Examples of Businesses Leveraging CRM to Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Rob writes mainly about the payments industry, but also brings to the table industry-specific knowledge of CRM software, business loans, fulfilment, and invoice finance. When not exasperating his editor with bad puns, he can be found relaxing in a sunny (socially-distanced) corner, with a beer and a battered copy of Dostoevsky. If you choose to pay annually, the ‘Pro’ plan itself will cost you $37.50 per month. Admittedly, that’s not much of a difference, but the price to add new team members drops to just $2 per month. That makes Funnel a seriously cheap CRM system – especially if you’ve got one eye on your agency’s pursestrings, and another eye on scaling up. Priced at an affordable $39 per month, it costs just $20 per month to add each new team member to the system.

Copper users love the sleek interface, and generally seem to find it easy to use. The downside is that it only integrates with Google programs, including Gmail. It’s also quite sales-focused, so might not be the right choice for businesses looking for more marketing capabilities.Plans start at $23/user/month.

Best for G Suite compatibility

You’re looking to make sure it can grab the data you need to capture, analyze it for the information you need, and then route that to the people who need to know. Organizations, particularly smaller ones, need to understand that these systems aren’t plug-and-play affairs. Getting the most out of your CRM takes a good deal of planning and integration work.

It adds more diverse user roles and read-only access – ideal for collaborating with freelancers and agencies outside your own. You’ll also score automated workflows, which streamline your workload and make hitting deadlines a cinch. This app helps me to sort out my work week and plan my days as well as log all my activities for each of my clients and making sure I can stay on top of my work.

Most features come on the Growth plan, except email sequences, permissions, and custom dashboards. The Enterprise plan is for those who need enterprise-level assistance. The prices start from $29 per month and go up to $99 per month.

Best CRM Software

When there’s a sales opportunity, the deal management feature helps increase productivity so your team can close the deal. Storing and using prospect details to nurture relationships are at the core of a CRM system. Integrations with contact apps and social media accounts are a plus, maximizing lead information for sales teams. A major drawback of using Pipedrive is that there’s no free version. However, you can take advantage of the 14-day free trial period to test its features before making your final purchase decision.

  • Prices jump from $70-$120 at the mid-tier level for CRMs that include additional features, such as marketing automation, more email functionality, or more data storage.
  • It does all the basics well—contact and pipeline management, communications tracking, workflow automation, and reporting.
  • The integrated platform runs in the cloud, helping to manage sales, quotes, projects, tickets, retainers, timesheets, billing, and scheduling all from one place.
  • Real estate private equity software optimizes investment portfolio performance.

CRM allows you to leverage AI-driven customer scoring to prioritize high-profile clients and maintain transparency throughout your trading endeavours. Trading and wealth management industries have specific challenges. Dynamics 365 allows users to choose packages according to their business niche. “Individual” plan is free of cost and lets users record work-related activities. It is a program that adapts perfectly to the size of your company, with a great usability adaptable to any device and with the possibility of using it anywhere you have a network. If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers.


Example data includes customer and lead contact information, preferences, behaviors and interaction history with your brand and its reps. CRM software offers the ability to manage the journey your website and other digital channels offer leads and customers. For example, it can help you gather information about website visitors’ product or content preferences, their demographic data and their contact information. So, if you need software to help you build and maintain a website, it is best to consider a content management system with a website builder.

crm software for trading company

Enterprise plan is $46 per user/per month billed annually, and $50 per user/per month billed monthly. Professional plan is $30 per user/per month billed annually, and $33 per user/per month billed monthly. Starter plan is $14 per user/per month billed annually, and $15 per user/per month billed monthly. Business plan is $123.75 per user/per month billed annually, and $145 per user/per month billed monthly. Professional plan is $80.75 per user/per month billed annually, and $95 per user/per month billed monthly.

For marketing, Salesforce offers software to build email marketing campaigns. Sales teams using Salesforce get good customer relationship management. You also get CRM software to streamline the sales lifecycle with Sales Cloud.

CRM and the cloud computing revolution have changed everything. Perhaps the most significant recent development in CRM systems has been the move into the cloud from on-premises CRM software. See how to find leads, close deals, and streamline your entire sales process in these demos.


Monday.com allows you to customize your workflows to track all the aspects of the sales cycle, from lead generation to post-sale support. These reports provide valuable customer data, metrics, and trends, allowing you to make better-informed decisions on how best to move forward with your sales process. Do you want a selling tool that your team can use out of the box? If you want to get more leads, close more sales and build relationships with your audience, Salesforce gets my top recommendation.

crm software for trading company

Finding, winning, and keeping customers to grow your business starts with a good Customer Relationship Management application. Find out everything you need to know to get started with CRM by downloading https://xcritical.com/ Your Complete CRM Handbook. CRM software offers many true blue advantages for your startup or small business, from identifying pain points to widening the scope of your target audience.

Insightly (Top CRM software for analytics and reports)

While HubSpot CRM offers tools for running effective email marketing campaigns to promote their products, its product management feature is only available in the two most expensive plans. We recommend Bitrix24 for users who want access to free product management tools as well as affordable pricing options. Bitrix24 is a feature-packed CRM that offers tools to streamline a business’ sales, marketing, and customer service activities. Its pricing plans provide excellent value for larger teams, as a subscription plan covers multiple users. To learn more about this provider, check out our Bitrix24 review.

Zoho CRM Plus: Best Retail CRM With Excellent Reporting & Analytics Tools

Your goals can help you decide which standout features you need come time to focus on feature offerings. A CRM helps to create efficiencies in external-facing functions like sales, customer service and marketing. For example, it can automate reminders for sales or customer service reps to reach out to leads or customers. Sage CRM is a highly configurable open-ended software that allows businesses to use it for different purposes. It offers several tools and integrations that can positively affect your sales and marketing campaigns while managing the company’s data in an orderly manner.

Oracle CX Sales is considered the best CRM system for enabling productivity out of the 14 systems evaluated. Zoho CRM is considered the most generous at including product enhancements at no charge. The following is the Emotional Footprint Summary comparison of the four highest-rated CRM systems by the companies using them. Square offers value-for-money and robust POS features to users with limited budgets who are running a retail business.

Best for Solo Business

Freshworks is our favorite solution for solo businesses because it saves you from the hassle of toggling between platforms. Salesforce utilizes a learning community that consists of Salesforce experts that can answer questions. It also provides training videos and even certification programs. This is pivotal in that it allows a customer to access such information at any crm trading given time, without having to contact customer support. The ability to stay ahead of the game using their multiple tools is helpful for businesses, as is being able to keep every form of communication, including your internal communication, all in one place. Reviewer who works in Legal Services shared that Keap is very helpful for keeping track of contacts and clients.

It reveals patterns your internal teams can use to improve the customer journey. Moreover, RT Dynamic CRM ensures smooth inventory management, on-time delivery, quality assurance, and an automated warehouse management system. You will get a full package of advanced protocols to enjoy better customer response and productivity. Furthermore, the well-encompassing digital channel utilizes the latest & business-centric technologies to perform various functions flawlessly. It helps inquiry generation, database management, RFQs from suppliers/manufacturers, quotation management, transit document, and multiple reports.

The interface is clean and simple, making it easier to store relevant info about your customers. I take a closer look at the features, benefits, and pricing of each product in the reviews below. Use this guide to help you find the best CRM software for your business. HubSpot’s free version packs a punch and is worth using if you run a small agency, though monday.com or Freshsales are also solid choices for agencies this size. If you’re a growing team with big-league scalability on the brain,Sendinblue and CompanyHub are both great options. And, if you’re already a well-established agency, BenchmarkONE is likely to fit the bill.

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