Top 15 Examples of Metaverse’s Brands and Platforms

It’s a new word that seems to have multiple meanings, depending on whom you talk to. But in general, it describes a predicted new phase for the internet. Will process your data to response the query or to manage the subscription to the newsletter that you have requested. Your data may be shared with different Telefónica Group companies to the extent necessary for this purpose.

Linux admins can use Cockpit to view Linux logs, monitor server performance and manage users. “Investors … are snapping up concert venues, shopping malls and other properties in the metaverse,” according to an article in The New York Times. ” through a remote immersive digital twin, one worker might be able to manage multiple stores and orchestrate any situation,” Srinivasan said. Such tools may extend the reach of workers, enabling them to execute tasks virtually.

The company executed many innovative and featuresin the metaverse. Burberry is continuously looking for novel approaches to engage with clients in the settings that are important to them. what is the metaverse The branded NFT assets can be utilized for avatars to display around the universe. The winning bidder would also receive an actual Coca-Cola refrigerator that was filled with Coca-Cola.

Virtual NFT marketplaces such as Binance, Nifty Gateway, and Raribles are popular places to buy collectables, video games, and other digital assets. Conduct virtual events such as expos, concerts, and other activities to allow Generation Zers to connect with your brand in the metaverse by creating an environment where they can entertain themselves. Here, you can create virtual markets, stores, and products and provide your customers with a personalized virtual experience.

Web3 vs. the Metaverse

Miller Lite became the first brand to create a bar in the metaverse, but other brands in the alcohol industry are helping people enjoy a cold one in this emerging digital space. Macy’s created a virtual version of its annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. The event featured five NFT project galleries and allowed users to vote on a parade balloon NFT, which will be turned into a physical one at next year’s event.

Its MagicBand+ wrist device allows guests to engage with favorite Disney moments in new ways and discover new interactive experiences. Through Vans World, the brand combines skateboarding, real fashion, and interaction. Users may delve into the realm of skateboarding with this all-encompassing 3D experience. Another renowned name in high fashion, Burberry, is promoting on platforms for video games.

Metaverse examples

Consider how much broadband speeds will have to increase too, and the technical challenge is not to be taken for granted. That will have benefits for the environment, and be handy next time we have to lock down in the event of a pandemic or other natural disaster. It may also help to boost understanding and empathy across national borders and disparate cultures. Perhaps most importantly, it should give us more time to spend with our families, close friends and just having quiet time to ourselves.


Many of the virtual reality technologies advertised by Meta Platforms remain to be developed. Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen criticised the move, adding that Meta Platforms’ continued focus on growth-oriented projects is largely done to the detriment of ensuring safety on their platforms. Meta Platforms has also faced user safety criticism regarding Horizon Worlds due to sexual harassment occurring on the platform. Smart glasses provide a more lightweight version of augmented reality.

  • The fully realized metaverse should be able to stream information in ways that make workers more efficient and productive, Nguyen said.
  • When the metaverse is in full effect, though, we’ll be able to put on VR headsets and see each other in 3D, sitting around a virtual table.
  • All of the topics we have discussed earlier in this article are part of the issues we face daily in our work.
  • Humans communicate and interact in the Metaverse through avatars and visual representations of a user.
  • Other opinions, however, state that it was effectively the first popular online metaverse environment.
  • Companies could also make money from facilitating the metaverse as a whole.

While the current web is largely based on text, images and video, the next phase of the web, aka the metaverse, is expected to be primarily based on 3D virtual spaces linking together in a perceived virtual universe. The metaverse can provide a virtual space for remote employees to communicate and collaborate. This can help improve communication and teamwork and facilitate knowledge sharing. If you’re looking for a way to take your content to the next level, try 3DFrame.

What is Facebook Metaverse?

All the players in OASIS could interact with other players and play games or shop for new artifacts. Players could also visit different locations in the OASIS and reality in the virtual space depends completely on people’s imagination. Today, we only have the primitive forerunners of a real Metaverse, Minecraft, Roblox, and other digital user-created worlds.

Metaverse examples

This virtual real estate is highly speculative but drawing interest from certain groups. Still, CIOs and other IT leaders will want to monitor metaverse examples and use cases closely and understand the standards that are developing. Business and IT leaders will need to work out a number of metaverse risks and security challenges. For these reasons and others, most metaverse use cases fall into the still-unknown category. The fully realized metaverse should be able to stream information in ways that make workers more efficient and productive, Nguyen said.


Polarr online provides you with the essential features for taking a promising photo editing career. This article will list the top-rated AI photo editors with authentic descriptions for both desktop and mobile users. In this article, we’ll share you the concepts of RGB and tell you the differences between sRGB and RGB. Metaverse advocates and a few researchers think that communication is going to be more natural with the help of video conferencing as you will be able to use gaze to show the person you are addressing. In fact, your avatar might also walk over to sit next to another avatar. Microsoft invested $70 billion into the metaverse when it acquiredActivision Blizzard, the owner of significant franchises like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and Candy Crush.

Metaverse examples

That’s just part of the promise held by education within Facebook’s metaverse. Facebook has already invested $150 million USD in training creators working on educational systems for the metaverse. Facebook metaverse currently has a system in development called Quest for Business. This system will be accessible through hardware that’s available right now – the Quest 2 headset. But integration with Horizon Worlds turns home into a true virtual home away from home. The most important part of this is that users can invite other people into their homes.

Four Top ML Trends to Adapt to for the Future

Lastly, as mentioned previously, one of the biggest consumer hurdles of the metaverse is privacy. Many consumers are hesitant to engage with the metaverse or VR/AR technology in general because the ethical and legal framework is still evolving. Metaverse content types will range from traditional media repurposed for virtual use to new immersive and interactive experiences. When video game platform Fortnight announced a food-fight event between Team Pizza and Team Burger, Wendy’s launched an organic meta campaign to promote its burgers.

These companies are creating a virtual reality-based environment to engage their audiences. It uses augmented and virtual reality to enable users to interact with 3D digital objects. A variety of companies have already started to invest in this space. There are various technical tools, such as VR and AR headsets, augmented reality glasses, and software that make the metaverse possible. One of these technologies is the crypto-currency, which can be used to pay for utilities and purchases in the metaverse. Another is the non-fungible token, a digital asset based on the same technology as the cryptocurrency.

Why is Facebook Entering The Metaverse?

The Walt Disney Co., a longtime leader of imaginary worlds, is one such company. The technology will be able transport them to other work locations while also letting them interact with others in both virtual and physical worlds, Srinivasan said. Many workers traded in-person meetings for remote working and Zoom meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tech companies that are focused on metaverse development, such as Meta) and Microsoft, are using that comfort as a stepping stone to the next version of “virtual meetings.”

We will be able to do anything on the metaverse – go to work, go to a show, hang out, and go shopping. Meaningful, defining experiences will happen in the metaverse, like finding love, forming friendships and learning new skills. Experts call the metaverse “Web 3.0” to signal that it will be the next iteration of the internet. Creators will build these worlds with new technologies like virtual and augmented reality. Meta also announced new tools to help people build for the metaverse, including Presence Platform and a $150-million investment to train the next generation of creators. Learn about ten of the best metaverse examples of brands using virtual reality and augmented reality to promote their business and increase revenue.

In truth, we can’t quite see how those last two fit in, but then perhaps that’s why we’re not visionary tech billionaires ourselves. New and evolving internet technologies, such as Mozilla’s WebVR and Firefox Reality, allow people wearing them to connect together in meaningful ways. Louis Vuitton also ventured into gaming, but it actually created its own game. To celebrate its 200th anniversary, it introduced Vivienne, the game’s protagonist, who travels across the virtual globe in an attempt to find 200 birthday NFT candles. Players who join her can collect NFT candles and unique accessories themselves, and even win some awards.

Historically, companies have been hesitant to allow their assets to be compatible with a competitor’s ecosystem. Playing nicely with other platforms, the logic goes, would mean giving up some amount of control. But for a fully realized metaverse to come about, such cooperation will be necessary.

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